A customer can buy or order in two ways.

  1. Directly without without adding product to shopping cart (quick way for single digital product).
  2. Using shopping cart (for multiple products and physical products).

Action Buttons

Users can purchase products or add to the cart by clicking on action buttons. In the menu item for TF Shop -> Products, you can add buttons under options tab. There are three types of buttons:

  1. Details: It is used only for Products list. It displays a button to visit detailed product page.
  2. Buy: It is used for buying single product directly. This button passes the control directly to the payment plugin or processor.
  3. Cart: It is used to add the product to the cart.


You can see all the details of an order - products, payment, user.

Status: Update the status of the order as required:

  • Pending: This is the default status when new order is saved.
  • Paid: This is the status when the payment is successful.
  • Failed: This is the status when the payment is failed.

There are other status you can manually change: Processed, Refunded, Cancelled.

Type: There are two types of orders:

  1. Product: When a single product is purchased directly without the cart option.
  2. Cart: When one or more products are purchased through cart.