TF Mail

Click "New" to create a newsletter. Title is the subject of the email and description is the body of the email.

Type of Emails

  1. Newsletter: It is simple email you can send one time.
  2. Campaign: These can be used by campaigns.
  3. Automation: It is automated email than can be sent repeatedly at a given frequency.
  4. Distribution: These emails are generated by email distribution system. You are not required to select this.
  5. Other: These emails can be used by other components.

Attachment: Optionally, select a file to attach with the email. You can specify the folder in the configuration.

Text Message: If left empty, it will be automatically generated.

Users: By default, the newsletter will be sent to all your users. You can add filters here to send the newsletter to specific users.

Sending Options: Here, you can set the send date, priority, and frequency (for automation type) of the newsletter. You can schedule the newsletter at a later date to be automatically sent by cron job. 

You can use following tags in the title or subject of email:

  • {NAME}
  • {EMAIL}
  • {DATE}

You use following tags in the description or body of email:

  • {MODIFY}
  • {UNSUB}
  • {USER}
  • {DATE}
  • {TOC}

How to Insert Joomla Article (JA)?

{JA <joomla_article_id> <I or F> <Y or N>}

  • I if for intro text with Read More link; F is for full text
  • Y for adding full text image; N for not adding any image

For example: {JA 26 I Y} will insert intro text of Joomla article with ID 26 with image.

How to Insert User Information?

{USER <field_name>}

For example, {USER name} will insert name of the user. {USER email} will insert email of the user. Similarly, you can use any field.

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