Modules and Lessons

Modules are way of organising lessons in the course. They are in between courses and lessons. One module can be used in multiple courses.


Title: It is the default name of the module. As module can be used in multiple courses, you can change the name of the module to be displayed in the course.

Description: The description is visible in "course view".


Each lesson must belong to one module. The lessons can contain learning text, one or more Joomla articles, any resource to external link and tests or quiz.

Title: It is the name of the lesson.

Module: Select the module for the lesson.

Short Description: It is the description about what the lesson contains. It is visible on the "Course" page. 

Description: This is the text or content of the lesson. You can also use Joomla articles as the content of the lesson or both.

Type: This defines how Joomla articles associated with the lesson are displayed. There are two options:

  1. Single Page: All Joomla articles are displayed in a single page.
  2. Multiple Pages: Each Joomla article is displayed in different pages with navigation.

Link: If you add any link to the lesson, the lesson will act as a resource to external or internal link.

Completion Type: This defines how lessons are marked completed. There are four options:

  1. Disabled: Completion is disabled for the lesson.
  2. Self: Students can mark the lesson as complete or incomplete.
  3. View: The lesson is marked complete when the lesson is viewed.
  4. Score: The lesson is marked complete when a student takes a test or quiz associated with the lesson.

Percent: If the completion type is score, you can set the minimum percentage required in the test to mark the lesson as complete.

Content: You can add one or more Joomla article IDs for this lesson. For each Joomla article, you also have the option to show the title or not. This is helpful in case lesson title and title of Joomla article are same.


You can add a test or a quiz to the lesson by adding one or more questions.

Questions: Enter the number of questions for the test. Enter 0 (zero) to disable test for the lesson.

Marks: Enter the marks for one question. Total marks are calculated by multiplying the number of questions and marks per question.

Multiple Attempts: Select 'Yes' to allow multiple attempts for the test.

Grade Type: In case of multiple attempts, how grade is calculated?

  1. Most recent attempt
  2. Average of all attempts
  3. Maximum (or Best) of all attempts

Attempt Gap: The duration (in days) for the student to be able to take the test again.