Learning Paths and Completions

TF Learn

After a student enrolls for the course, the student can see all the courses accessible under Paths view. Course enrolment is based on Joomla User Groups.

Front-end Menu Item

Create a menu item for TF Learn -> Paths.

This will display all the courses the user can have access according the user group and the group defined in the course. This page also displays total lessons in the course, lessons completed and the completion status (if enabled).

On clicking the details link, the learning path of the single course is displayed.

Learning Path

This page displays all the modules and their lessons for the course, completion status (if enabled), and action buttons for taking test, marking lesson complete or incomplete, and viewing detailed score (or attempts) page.

Completions (Back-end)

Here, you can see the status of the lessons completed by the users and the score obtained (if enabled) by the students. You can also change the completion status.

Lesson Completion

In the lessons, you can set the completion type of the lesson as disabled, self, view, or score.

Course Completion

A course is complete when all the lessons in the course are completed. After completing all the lessons, a button link is displayed on the learning path page where the student can mark the course as complete.

Site administrator will receive an email about the completion status of the course.


After the user completes the course, you can issue certificates to the students. At present, you can issue the certificates manually.

This feature is under development.

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