Joomla Auto Update Plugin

This Joomla! plugin can be used to update any column in any Joomla! database table using task scheduler automatically.

Example Use Cases

  1. Update publish date, featured status, access level or hits of Articles.
  2. Update user status.
  3. Update published status of modules.
  4. Update any other database table of third-party extensions.


  1. After downloading, install the plugin using standard Joomla installer.
  2. Navigate to System -> Manage -> Plugins.
  3. In the Filter Options, select type: task.
  4. Enable the plugin: Task - TF Auto Update.
  5. Navigate to System -> Manage -> Scheduled Tasks.
  6. Click New on the toolbar and select TF Auto Update.

Configuration: Task Parameters

Item Ids: Ener the item IDs to update. The first id will be updated first. For example: 7,9,3,15

Database Table: Enter the name of the database table.

Column Name: Enter the column name to update.

Column Type: Select type of data stored in the column. There are three options: Date, Json, Other.

Column Value: Ener the new value of the column that will be updated or replaced.

Date Value: In case the column type is date, enter the number of days to be added to or subtracted from current date.


The plugin supports task logging, so you can enable Individual Task Logs to check the status of task scheduler.