Joomla and Google Search Console Integration

Google Search Console allows webmasters to check indexing status, search queries, crawling errors and optimize visibility of websites on search engines. You can integrate search console with Joomla! and even automate tasks using TF Tools component.

To implement Google search console integration with Joomla, first you need to create Google app.

Step 1: Google App

Visit Google Developer Console. Click Create Project to create a new project. Enter a name for your API project. Next, click the Create button to create your API project.

From the sidebar ("hamburger" menu) click on API and Services and navigate to Enabled API and Services.

Step 2: Enable API

Click on Enable APIs and Services Button. Here, you have to enable two APIs. You can use search bar to find these:

  1. Google Search Console API
  2. Indexing API

Step 3: Consent Screen

From the sidebar, visit OAuth consent screen.

  • User Type: Select External and click Create.
  • App name: Fill in the Application Name.
  • User support email: Select the email address.
  • Authorized domains: Add the domain name(s) for the sites.
  • Developer contact information: Enter your email address.

After filling in the information, click on Save and Continue button. Again, click Save and Continue button for Scopes.

In the Test Users, add the email address for your Search console account. Click Save and Continue. From the summary page, click Back to Dashboard.

Step 4: Credentials

Now, from the Credentials page, click Create Credentials and then select OAuth Client ID. Select Application type as Web application.

Under the Authorized redirect URIs, add Uri in the format:

Replace with your website URL. Click on Create button.

You will see Client ID and Client Secret. Note them down. You will need to enter them in the component options in the next step.

Step 5: Component Options

From the Joomla! administration, navigate to the component options.

Under the Google tab, enter the Client ID and Client secret obtained from the previous step. Save the configuration.

Step 6: Check the Integration

From the component dashboard, click on Search Console. You will be redirected to the Google for permissions.

Grant the required permissions and click Continue. You will be redirected to the Joomla administration "Search Console" view. Here, you will see the list of all your Search console properties.

Step 7: Refresh Token

You will also see a message with the refresh token. Copy and save this refresh token in component options.

This is required by the task plugin for automation. Also, with refresh token you will not be required to login again.

Step 8: Analytics

Again, in the component options under Google tab, select the start date and end date to see the summary of Google search console data.

Visit the Search Console. Here, you will see Clicks, Impressions, CTR and Position for all your sites for the duration set above.