The Header section contains logo and navigation elements. The Logo is the brand identity of a website.

Section Settings

Section Class: Add custom classes to change the style for the section.

Section Padding: Select the vertical padding for the section.

Section Margin: Select the vertical margin for the section.

Background: Select the background type for the header.

Container Settings

Container Class: Add custom style classes for the container.

Container Type: Select the type of container. The type of container defines the horizontal padding.

Container Padding: Select the vertical padding for the container.

Header Options

Navbar: Show or hide the navigation.

Site Name: Show or hide the site name.

Logo: Show or hide the logo. Generally, you should either display site name or logo. You can upload your logo under the Design tab.

Logo Image Class: You can add any custom class for the logo. For example, you can add sizing utility class to change the width and height of your logo.

Feature: Show or hide the feature block.

Sticky: Enable it to make the header sticky.