Get Content from Email to Joomla

You can connect to any email mailbox to get content and create Joomla Articles or Users or for saving to any other database. First, create a new "Single" of Type Email.

Then, select the destination. For example, Joomla Articles or Joomla Users.

Email Tab

Mail Server: Enter your mail server address. For example -

Port Number: Enter the port number to connect to the email. For example - 993 for IMAP over SSL/TLS.

Username: Enter the email id. The username is same as the email id.

Password: Enter the password for the email account.

From (Optional): Enter the from email ID to target only specific messages coming from this email.

Subject (Optional): Enter the subject to target only specific messages which contains this subject.


Resource: After saving the Single, enter the name of the mailbox folder in the resource field. For example - INBOX

Click "Preview" button in the toolbar.

Under the Content tab, you should see the output array with following keys or data:

  • total_messages - total number of messages in the mailbox folder
  • date
  • subject - subject of the email
  • from_email - sender email address
  • from_name - sender name
  • udate
  • size
  • plain - simple plain message body
  • html - html message body of the email

Create Grabbers

Next step is to create grabbers to extract specific content from the array. For example, "subject" will become the title of Joomla Article and "html" will become the content of Joomla Article.

So, create two grabbers of type: Array Value.

Array Keys: Enter "subject" in the first grabber and "html" in the second grabber.

Edit Single

Now, edit the single to add the grabbers you have just created.

Under the Title tab, select the grabber for Subject and under the Content Tab, select the grabber for Html message.