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Setting up the forum is easy. Topics are the main discussion posts or questions or support tickets. Topics can be created either from backend or front-end through menu item form.

Topics Information

Title: This is the main heading or subject of the post.

Description: It contains the post or message.

Tag: You can organise the topics in different tags (can be called categories).

Attachment: If the post contains attachment, the file name will be displayed here. You can view the file under the attachment tab.

Front: Select "Yes" to display the topic on the front-end on all topics view. Select "No" to keep it private and visible to only topic creator.


This tab contains information about the topic creator.

Created By: This is the Joomla User ID. For topics created by guest, it will be zero.

Name: The name of the topic creator.

Email: The email of the topic creator.


Access: The access level group that is allowed to view all topics view.

Guest Post: Select "Yes" to allow non-logged in users create new topics.

Order By, Date of Ordering: These settings determine the ordering of topics on the frontend.

Menu Items

To get started, create two menu items:

  1. TF Forum -> All Topics: This displays all the published and front-enabled topics.
  2. TF Forum -> Create Topic: This displays a form on the front-end where users can add new topics.

The All topics page displays the topics with links to navigate to single topic view.

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