Extract Content from Listing Page

This page is used to add a new or edit an existing Listing. To create a new listing, click on "New" and then select the type of Listing. To edit an existing Listing, click on the title from the list of Listings.

With Listings, you can extract and import multiple pages of content items.

A. Source Types

The component supports following six types of sources of content:

  1. DOM: To get content from any external Url with html code using document object model.
  2. API: To get content from Joomla Web Services or any other API.
  3. CSV: To get content from CSV (or Excel) files.
  4. FILE: To get content from text or any other type of file.
  5. EMAIL: To get content from emails.
  6. DATABASE: To get content from database tables.

1. Link Tab

Content Source: Select the type of Content Source.

Link: After saving other options, enter the URL and click Preview or Process button in the toolbar.

Link to Save: This link is saved in the database. Use this for preview and for automatic extracting of content.

2. List Tab

List Type: Select one of the two options depending upon how URLs are structured.

  1. HTML Blocks and URL
  2. HTML Block and URLs

List Grabber: Select the Grabber from the list.

URL Grabber: Select the Grabber from the list.

Prepend List URL: This is used if the source URL uses relative paths for the links.

Single Page Processor: Select the single page processor from the list.

3. Auto Tab

Auto Processing: Select Yes to automatically process using Task Scheduler plugin.

Frequency Type: Select the duration type: Days, Hours or Minutes.

Auto Frequency: Enter the number of days, hours or minutes.

Next Date: Date on which next processing is scheduled. This is calculated automatically.