Email Queue

TF Mail

When you send any mail or newsletter, it is added to the queue. Click on 'Process' button to send newsletters in the queue to your subscribers. You can automate this using cron job. You can also set the number of emails to send at one time in the configuration.

How Queue Works?

  1. It gets an email and user from the queue based on the priority, send date, and user id.
  2. It send the email to the user.
  3. If the mail is sent, then it deletes the mail from the queue and adds to the statistics.

How Send Process Works?

  1. It gets "from details" (name and email) from the component configuration or global configuration.
  2. It gets "reply to" and "return path" emails from the component configuration.
  3. It gets recipient from the user details.
  4. It prepares the subject and body of email before sending (Pre-Send Process).
  5. It adds any attachment to the email and list unsubscribe header.
  6. It sets html email, encoding and charset.
  7. Finally, the mail is sent to the user!

How Pre Send Works?

  1. If the text version of email is empty, then it sets the text version.
  2. It adds footer to mail body from the configuration.
  3. It replaces name, email and date tags in the subject.
  4. It replaces certain tags in the mail body.
  5. It convert relative URLs to Absolute URLs
  6. It add utm parameters to the links
  7. It adds code to track email opens
  8. It replaces any characters in the body
  9. It adds html tag

Email Sending Process

There are various steps and processes before the extension sends email to the subscribers. You can configure these in the component configuration.

  1. Set from details (name and email) from the component configuration or global configuration
  2. Set reply-to-email and return path from the component configuration
  3. Set recipient email (user or subscriber's email)
  4. Prepare email subject from the saved newsletter subject
    1. Replace formats in the email subject - Name, Email and Date
  5. Prepare email body from the saved newsletter body
    1. Add footer to email body from the configuration
    2. Replace formats in the email body - Unsubscribe Link, Profile Modify Link, Custom Link, User Information, Date, Joomla Articles, table of Contents
    3. Convert Relative URLs to Absolute URLs for anchors and images
    4. Add UTM parameters
    5. Add code to track email opens
    6. Replace texts defined in the configuration
    7. Add html tag
  6. Add attachments to email
  7. Add List-Unsubscribe Header
  8. Set html, encoding, charset
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