Email Campaigns

TF Mail

Campaigns are series of newsletters that can be sent manually or automatically when a user subscribes or modifies profile. Before creating a campaign, you need to add one or more newsletters of the type "Campaign".

Title and Description are displayed on the frontend in the campaigns list.

Newsletters: Add the newsletters along with the delay (in days). For example, for the first newsletter, you can set 0 to send immediately, then 3 to send after 3 days of user subscription, and so on.

Users: By default, the campaigns are sent to all your users. You can add filters here to send the campaigns to specific users.

Sending Options: Here, you can set the priority, and whether to trigger the campaign on user subscription or modification or both.

Subscribers: Here, you can see users subscribed to the campaign. Once subscribed, a user cannot be subscribed again. This is to prevent sending repeat emails. You can also delete all subscriptions for the campaign.

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