Dashboard and Configuration

The dashboard contains various blocks or tiles with links to manage the component. If the link is associated with any database table, it will show the total number of records in the database table.

Component Options

From the dashboard (and list views), you can access the component options. The component options contain settings that control the general workflow and display of the component. Besides, some settings are controlled by the menu item options.

General Tab

  • Version: This will display whether you are using Lite or Pro version of the extension.
  • Framework: Select the framework (Bootstrap, UIKit, Material Design, Foundation) your template is using. Styles used in the component are modified accordingly.
  • Load Resources: Select to load CSS and JS resources. This is useful if your template is not loading or you plan to use different framework for the component. 

Language Text Strings

The text visible at the frontend or backend can be changed by creating language overrides. To create language overrides:

Navigate to System -> Manage -> Languages Overrides. Then, select the language and click "New" to create a new override.

Dashboard Tiles

The tiles depend on the component you are using. However, some tiles are common to all the extensions.

Import: Import records from CSV file to the database.

Export: Export or download records to CSV (or Excel) file from the database.

Query: Perform various queries on database tables to manage your website.

Support: External link to support forum. You can ask any question or provide feedback or suggest some new feature.

Version Number

Below the tiles, you can see the version number of the component and mode (Lite/Free or Pro). The Pro version unlocks all the features of the component.