Creating Pages Using TF Page Builder

Pages are organised into one or more sections or rows. Each row can contain one or moreĀ columns. Each column can contain one or moreĀ elements.

To create a new page:

  1. Navigate to the Pages from the Dashboard.
  2. Click on New Button from the toolbar.
  3. Under the Rows tab, add the rows or sections you want to appear on the page.

Open Graph

Open Graph meta tags control what others see when someone shares URL of the page on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. There are three separate metadata tags, each with its own purpose:

  1. Meta Title
  2. Meta Image
  3. Meta Description

Title: Use the text field to set a title to define your content.

Image: Here, you can upload the Open Graph image. When shared on social platforms, this image will be displayed.

Description: Enter a brief description of the content.

Menu Item

To display the page in the frontend of the website, create a menu item for TF Page Builder -> Page.

Page: Select the page to associate with the menu item.