Create Record Menu Item

A Create Record menu item displays the form for frontend addition of records for your application. Generally, you should create this menu item if your application requires frontend submission of records.

1. Details

Menu Item Type: Click the Select button. Under TF Content, select Create Record.

Content: Select the Content application.

2. Options

Form Layout: Select the layout for the form - Simple, Accordion or Tabs.

Description: The description is displayed before the form. You can enter HTML code here.

Image: Select an image to display above the form.

Show Captcha: Show or hide the captcha for guest users.

Custom Redirect: Enter the Url where users are redirected after the form is submitted.

Custom Message: Enter the message that will be displayed after submitting the form. 

Button Text: Enter the text for the Submit Button.

Button Class: Enter the class to style the Submit button.