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Each course contains one or more modules. Each module contains one or more lessons. In this way, courses contain lessons organised in modules.

Basic Course Information

Title: This is the name of the course.

User Group: Each course is attached to a Joomla User Group. A user who is part of this Joomla Group can access the course.

Type (Optional): You can categorise your courses into different types.

Short Description: This description is visible on 'all courses view'. It is also used as description for structured data.

Front: This setting enables or disables front-end display of the course on the courses page.

Course Enrolment

This setting defines how students are enrolled in the course. There are three options:

1. None: Enrolment for the course is disabled.

2. Self: Users can click on enrolment button. There can be three cases:

  1. Joomla users (who are logged-in) will be added to the course user group.
  2. Guest users (users not registered) will be redirected to the enrolment form where a new Joomla user will be created.
  3. For guest users, if email already exists in the system, the group of the user will be updated.

3. External: You can provide any link. Users will be redirected to the link when they click on the enrolment button. For example, you can redirect them to the payment gateway or enquire form or Joomla registration form.


You can add one or more modules to the course. As modules can be used in multiple courses, you can change the title of module to be displayed for this particular course.


Here, you can add an image to the course. The image will be displayed in 'Courses View'.

Front-end Menu Item

Create a menu item for TF Learn -> Courses.

Course Type: Select 'all' to display all the published and front courses. You can select any other type of course to display courses for that type only.

Description: Optional text to display.

Columns: This is the number of courses to display in one column. For small devices, it will be stacked to one column.

Details Button Text: This is the text to be displayed on the button. On clicking the button, users will be taken to the single course page.

Configuration Options

Configuration -> Courses

Access: The default access to the "courses" page.

Order: The order in which courses are displayed on the front-end.

Show Feed Link: It enables and displays the RSS Feeds for the courses.

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