Content and Columns

TF Content

All Joomla articles or content is stored in one database table organised into different categories. However, in this extension, content is stored in different database tables.

Database tables are called "Content" and different articles or items are called "Rows" or "Records". This extension gives you more power and control over data. You can use it to create almost any application.


Contents are the database tables. To create a new table click "New".

Title: This is the title of the table.

Name: It is the name of the database table. The name should be in small letters.

Options: Here, you can set the ordering of the records as displayed in the front-end.

Display: Here, you can set how records are displayed on the front-end.

Columns: After a new table is created, this tab will show all the columns (or fields) and their datatype in the table.

When you create a new table, some common columns are automatically created. You can extend the functionality by adding custom columns as per your requirement.


You can add columns to the database tables to extend its functionality. For example, if you are creating Movies database, you can add columns for release date, director, story and so on. Columns are also called "custom fields" or just "fields".

Title: This is the title or label of the field.

Content: Select the database table for the column.

Name: It is the name of the column in database. The name should be in small letters.

Type: It is the data type of column.

Length: It is the length of the column. Only used if type id "VARCHAR" or "INT".

After saving, you can check under the columns tab of the content.

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