Calendar Field Guide

You can configure how the calendar field is displayed on the form. The calendar field is used for dates and times like birth date, event date, movie release date and so on.

Show Time: If enabled and Translate Format is also enabled, date and time both will be displayed.

Single Header: If enabled, the year and the month selection will be set on two separates lines, with independent selection.

Today Button: If enabled, a button is added at the bottom of the date picker to select the date of the current day.

Week Numbers: If set to true, a column is added at the left of the date picker to display the number of the week in the current year.

Fill Table: I enabled, dates of the previous and next month are added at the top and bottom of the current month to fill the grid.

Translate Format: If disabled, the format setting is used.

Format: If Translate Format is disabled, you can enter the date format to be used. This is in the format used by PHP to specify date string formats.

Minimum Year: Enter the minimum year to display in the date picker.

Maximum Year: Enter the maximum year to display in the date picker.