Adding Rows

Rows provide an initial horizontal structure to the frontend page. It acts like a section with one or more columns. You can add rows to your pages from the Rows tab. A row can be reused in multiple pages.

1. How to Add Rows

To create a new Row:

  • Navigate to the Rows from the Dashboard.
  • Click on New Button from the toolbar.

Title: Enter the title of the row.

Description: Enter the description.

2. Options Tab

Title: Toggle switch to display the title.

Title Class: Add class for the title.

Description: Toggle switch to display the description.

Description Class: Add class for the description.

3. Styles Tab

Here, you can customize your row section and container.

4. Columns Tab

Here, you can add one or more columns to your row.

Blank Row as Header

You can create a blank row without any columns and elements added to it. This can be used as a header.

  • Under Options tab, set the title to show.
  • Under Styles tab, add section padding and container padding.
  • Add a background or background image to the section.