Web Development Course

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Introductory course for learning HTML, CSS and PHP.

History of HTML, HTML Tags, Elements and Attributes, Basic HTML Structure 

HTML img tag and its attributes - src, alt; HTML5 figure and figcaption tags

Semantic markup

HTML form tag and its attribute - action, method; Types of Inputs; HTML fieldset, legend and label tags. HTML5 Attributes - placeholder, required

Fonts, Borders, Background, Links

Adding CSS to HTML, CSS Selectors and Types

History, PHP Files, Variables, Constants, Data Types, Operators, Conditional Statements, Loops, File Handling, Namespacing

String, Array, Maths

Class, Methods, Properties, Exception Handling

Create Databases and Tables, Alter Table Structure, Data Types, Constraints

Inserting, Updating, Deleting and Selecting Data; Operators

Connecting to Database, Executing Queries

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