PHP Course

The course covers PHP and MySQL. This course will walk you through the basics of PHP to developing practical applications using object oriented programming.

This course is recommended for PHP beginners and for intermediate developers to refresh the concepts. Some knowledge of HTML is required.

The course is available for Premium Members. A certificate of completion is provided at the end of the course.

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Welcome to PHP!

Introduction to PHP, Embedding PHP, Outputting Text, Hello World, Comments

PHP Variables

Assigning and Outputting Variables; Data Types: int, float, bool, string, array, object, null; Type Conversions; Variable testing: isset, empty, is_null, unset; Determining Types; Variable Information: print_r, var_dump

PHP Operators

Arithmetic, Assignment, Increment and Decrement, Comparison, Logical

PHP Strings

Concatenation, Delimiting (Single or Double Quotes), Escape Characters, Character Reference, String Compare, String Functions

PHP Conditionals

Types: if, elseif, switch; Ternary Operator, Null Coalescing Operator

PHP Loops

Types: while, do-while, for; Concept of break, continue

PHP Arrays

Numeric, Associative; Multi-Dimensional Arrays; Looping: foreach; Array Functions

PHP Functions

Defining and Calling, Parameters and Default Parameters, Return, Scope, Pass by Reference

PHP Class

Objects, Properties and Methods, Constructor


Inheritance: Access Levels; Public, Protected, Private; Overriding

Other PHP OOP Concepts

Static, Late Static Binding; Interface; Abstract Class; Magic Methods

Importing Files; Constants

include, require, include_once, require_once, return, __autoload; Constants: const, define; Magic constants

PHP Errors and Exception Handling

Error Handling: PHP Errors, Correcting Errors, Exception Handling: try-catch

Working with Database

Database Design, Creating Database and Tables, Changing Table Structure, Deleting Database and Tables

Working with Data

Inserting, Updating and Deleting Data; Selecting Data from One or More Tables

Working with PHP

Connecting Database; Executing Query; Using Object-Oriented Approach

User Input

HTML Form, Sending Data, Post, Get; Request, Validation and Sanitization; Submitting Arrays; File Uploading

PHP Cookies and Sessions

Creating Cookies, Cookie Array, Deleting Cookies; Starting Session, Session Array, Deleting Session

PHP Namespaces

Creating Namespaces, Referencing Namespaces

Advanced Variables

Variable Variables, Variable Functions, Variable Class names
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