Seller Information Displayed to Buyers

The seller information appears in the Seller Information page. On the Settings menu, click Account Info. Then, on the Seller Account Information page, click Your Seller Profile.

  1. Display Name: The name displayed to buyers for your Amazon listings and on your Seller Profile.

  2. Customer Service Email: The email address to which customer messages will be delivered.

  3. Customer Service Reply-To Email: The email address that Amazon will use when buyers reply to our order confirmation emails.

  4. Customer Service Phone: The phone number displayed to buyers on your Seller Profile.

  5. Storefront Link (Optional): You can enter a final string to create a "friendly" URL to your Amazon Storefront.

Information about your business

When you register your Amazon Seller account, you are required to provide information about your business. From Seller Central, go to the Seller Account Information page. Then, in the Business Information section, click the links for the information that you want to add or change.

The business information appears in the different sections of the Seller Account Information page.

Legal name: For companies, the name your business is registered under; for individuals, your name.

Address: This is the permanent business location where your business conducts its operations.

When you register to sell on Amazon, you are required to provide basic information about your business. You can change this information or add additional information in the Your Seller Profile section on the Seller Account Information page.

The business information you provide to Amazon appears in two sections of the Seller Account Information page, as shown in the table below.

Your Info and Policies

Your Information & Policies page is a place where you can create information about your business to provide to customers. Go to:

Settings -> Your Info & Policies

  1. About Seller: The About Seller page allows you to introduce your business to your customers and build your brand. Use this section to describe how your business started, how long you have been around, what your company philosophy is, whether you have a physical store, how many employees you have.

  2. Seller Logo: You can upload an image of your business logo, which must be a .jpg, .jpeg or a .gif file, 120 pixels wide by 30 pixels high, and cannot be animated.

  3. Shipping or Delivery: There are two sections for communicating your shipping information. First is about general shipping policies, including when you ship merchandise and the carriers you use. In the second section, describe your shipping rates.

  4. Privacy Policy: This is any extension to the existing Amazon website policy. This cannot contradict Amazon's policies. This policy will appear below the Amazon web site privacy policy.

  5. Gift Services: You can provide information about the availability of gift wrapping or gift messaging.

  6. Frequently Asked Questions: Use this page to provide answers to questions about policies or products that are not answered on other Help pages. You should follow a standard Q&A format using the available formatting tools

  7. Custom Help Pages: Here, you can offer additional information for your customers, such as sizing charts and other product-specific and category-specific details.

  8. Returns & Refunds: Your return and refund policies, including instructions for returning items.