Fees for Selling on Amazon

To sell on Amazon, you pay Referral Fees and Closing Fees.

Referral fees

Sellers pay a referral fee on each item sold. For all products, a percentage of the total sales price that is paid by the buyer (including the item price, any shipping or gift-wrap charges charged by the seller) is deducted as a referral fee. For example, referral fees for books is 13%.

The referral fee percentage varies by category

Total Sales Price = Sales price of the item + Delivery costs + Gift wrap costs

Total deposited to seller account = Total Sales Price - Referral Fee

Closing fees

You pay a fixed closing fee based on the item price that is paid by the buyer (including any shipping or gift-wrap charges charged by the seller).

Cancellation charge

You are charged 100% of referral fee (if cancelled on or before ESD) or 150% of referral fee (if cancelled after ESD) of the value of items in an order as a cancellation charge for seller-fulfilled orders that are cancelled under the following scenarios:

  • Order is cancelled by seller for any reason other than buyer request.
  • Order is cancelled automatically by Amazon because the seller has not shipped and confirmed shipping of the order within 24 hours of Estimated Ship Date.

Payments Reports

The Payments Report (Reports > Payments) displays your account's payment information. Here, you can view an account summary that includes current balance, last settlement date, and order and refund totals, credits, fees, and adjustments for specific orders.