Amazon Easy Ship Programme

Accurate and timely dispatch of orders is important for successful selling on Amazon. Good dispatch practices lead to repeat sales and better performance metrics.

Select Account Information under the Settings tab and navigate to the 'Easy Ship Settings' section. You have to provide your pickup address. After you enrol for the Amazon Easy Ship Programme, all your offers become enabled for Cash on Delivery (COD) payment. Buyers will be able to purchase your products using COD as a payment method.

You can fulfill all your orders (COD and non-COD) using Amazon Easy Ship (pickup and shipping by Amazon), except orders for oversized items and buyer addresses that do not fall in the Easy Ship coverage area.

How to Schedule Pickup

To schedule pickup for an Easy Ship order, on the Manage Orders page, click the Schedule Pickup button for the order you want to ship. On the Schedule Pickup page, verify the products and enter the following details:

  1. Invoice/Tax details: Invoicing feature is available for Easy Ship and Self Ship orders. Tax will be computed for all Self Ship and Easy Ship orders based on the Product Tax Code (PTC) information provided by you. Invoice will be generated in your Seller central account when a buyer places an order and will be available for printing along with the shipping label.

  2. Serial number: You need to enter the Serial number/IMEI during pickup scheduling to generate a warranty slip. You can ship this to the buyer, which can then be used by the buyer as proof of purchase. The Serial number field is only applicable for Mobile, Cameras, Television and Laptops.

  3. Package Identifier: This field helps you enter an identifier for an order which will be printed on the label and can be used in pick and pack of your orders. It is an optional field and will print Order ID on the label if no input is entered by you.

  4. Package Details: Includes the weight and dimensions of the package. Weigh the package with all the packing materials included and package dimensions of the outer-most shipping box.

  5. Get Pickup slots: After you have filled in the information, click on “Get pickup slots” button to view the available slots when your order can be picked up. Select a date and time window during which you want the package to be picked up.

  6. Easy Ship fee will be displayed below the slot information. Verify the fee and make sure that you are shipping all the items in a single box. Click the Schedule Pickup button.

On the Print Documents page, the shipping label is provided in the ‘Documents required for this package’ section. To print the label, click the Print link given along with the label.