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How to Remove Powered By Kunena 3.x Footer

This method works for Kunena 3.x and later versions. It is always recommended to give credits to the developer. Follow the steps if it is necessary for you to remove Powered By Kunena Forum Footer Link.

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Step #1

Open the file from your Joomla installation folder: /libraries/kunena/view.php

Step #2

Find the following code (use ctrl + F)

echo $credits;

Step #3

Change it to:

// echo $credits;

Step #4

Save the view.php file. Now, the footer should have gone!


The code prints out forum footer. You are commenting the code line so that it becomes inactive.


#2 Jason 2014-09-27 11:51
Thanks, was looking in the wrong places :-)
#1 thaGH05T 2014-08-12 08:14
Don't forget to remove the function call at the beginning of the page on or around line 86. This needs to be removed in order to not invoke the credits but more importantly, to not cause a php error. --Cheers mate

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